Duck Dynasty: Get’m While They’re Hot!

The Official Duck Dynasty Camo Shoe Collection by Spira®

Introducing the Duck Dynasty Performance Trainer, the official licensed shoe of the A&E Networks hit TV show, Duck Dynasty.

Now you can have the incredible comfort of Spira’s energizing WaveSpring® technology combined with the stylish and recognizable Duck Dynasty camo pattern in a variety of colors for men and women.

Great for walking, running, fitness or recreational activities. (Get’Em Whlie They’re Hot!)

Spira® is crowdfunding this new line of Duck Dynasty shoes through a collaboration with A&E Networks called Project Startup which helps entrepreneurs with big ideas launch their dreams! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about Jack!


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Experience the “WOW” Factor Jack!

Spira® Official Duck Dynasty Shoe Exploded

“WOW!” That’s what many say who try on a pair of Spira® shoes for the first time. People can usually feel the difference right away, thanks to Spira’s unique and patented WaveSpring® technology.

Spira® can help you run, walk and participate in daily activities with far less stress on feet and joints, due to the science-infused spring loaded soles. Think of our techology as “little shock absorbers for your body.” Plus they are lightweight and incredibly comfortable and even return expended energy. The WaveSprings don’t break down like traditional footwear materials, giving you a “new shoe” cushioned feel for the life of the shoe.

Whether you stand, walk, jog, run, work out in the gym, or take pleasure in leisure activities, Spira® helps make your feet and body feel more Happy Happy Happy!

WaveSpring® Technology